Other Elite and Frontier / FFE Sites

This is still almost a direct copy of the links from the Acorn Elite pages, but has a greater selection of Frontier related links on it.


Original Elite Sites

The Acorn Elite Pages
The best original Elite site anywhere, created by me (modesty clearly isn't one of my strong points!)

  • The ArcElite DataCards
  • Ian Bell's Elite pages
  • Downloads of just about any version of the original (and best) Elite that you can name, and some other interesting bits and bobs (including the original manual).

  • Rob Pfeifer's Elite Page
  • With some interesting Elite stuff, scans and stories.

  • Elite A
  • Information on Angus Duggan's impressive modifications to BBC Elite.

  • Witchspace
  • A very impressive animation of an Asp and VRML files of all the BBC and Elite A ships (plus a few others).


    Frontier series

  • Jade's First Encounters Page
  • A comprehensive and useful site, one of the main FFE resources.

  • Zat Solo's Deep Space Outpost
  • This site has the most complete Elite links section to be found anywhere, although unfortunately it's not been updated for some time.

  • George Hooper's FFE Art pages
  • Bit of a misnomer since there's a lot more here (including what is quite probably the most comprehensive ship ID chart around).

  • Alioth.net
  • Guide to the Alliance, news on what's happening in the Elite universe (both real and fictional), hints and tips and a good, descriptive links section. And more.

  • The Frontierverse
  • Robin Sharrock's Frontier pages, including many screenshots, links and downloads.

  • Frontier Developments Limited
  • The official site for the Frontier Developments, and hence the Frontier games.

  • GalNET
  •  The Galactic Network of Explorers and Traders. An organisation of Elite veterans, who provide various info, including a how-to guide for getting different Elite games to run.


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