These pages contain stereo images from the game Froniter: First Encounters. Please be careful not to strain your eyes too much when trying to view them.

It might be stating the obvious, but make sure the browser window is wide enough for both pictures from the same image to fit side by side.


The map, at (0,0). It's quite apparent which direction the trade route lines are moving in (in depth), especially if you overlap the images a bit in order to go closer. The map makes sense even without the stalks!

The first task is to make sure you are in a reasonable position to see the images. If they are too large (or you are sitting too close) then your eyes will be unable to overlap them completely. If you are too far away then the 3D effect will be reduced. My personal experience is that best results are obtained with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 (on a 17" monitor), sitting about 2' away.

All the images on this page are designed to be seen by looking "through" them. This requires your eyes to be diverged, as if you were looking at something much further away than the monitor screen. An alternative method, converging your vision (i.e going crosseyed) probably puts more strain on your eyes, and in any case everything will come out backwards. This can be rather confusing. Although there have been a few requests to provide the images this way round I can't manage that method very well, so creating the site would have been a little tricky. I feel that providing it as an alternative would clutter it.

The yellow squares and red triangles under the image above are there to help you focus properly. Look "through" the monitor, as if you were looking at a much more distant object. Because the screen is much closer you should see two of everything. The trick is to adjust your eyes so that the yellow squares overlap in the middle. If you have done this correctly the triangle will seen to be standing out of the square. Move your gaze upwards to the map, and it should appear in 3D! If the triangle appears deeper than the square (i.e. as if seen through a hole in it) you are focussing the wrong way round.

If you still can't see anything, then be patient - it can take some practice. Unfortunately some people just don't seem to be able to see anything. If you are really desparate you could always try constructing some weird arrangement of mirrors to do the hard work for you.


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