[3D Encounters]


Three Dimensional Imagery from Frontier: First Encounters

By Simon Challands

Last update - 29th September 2009 - New Saker III picture, from FFED3D




The Images


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Adder Anaconda Asp Boa Cobra MkI Cobra MkIII Constrictor Eagle Eagle MKII Eagle MKIII Falcon Gecko Griffin Gyr Harrier Harris Hawk Imperial Courier Imperial Explorer Imperial Trader Kestrel Krait Lanner I Lanner II Lifter Lion Mantis Merlin Moray Osprey Osprey X Panther Python Saker Shuttle Sidewinder Tiercel Transporter Viper Viper2 Wyvern

Miscellaneous scenes

Scenes set 1
Scenes set 2

Maps and Charts


Pinching an idea off John Mackay who pinched an idea off me :-)
N.B. - The animation is 125K in size



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Some images have been re-used from my Acorn Elite pages. This gives something in common between the two sites (background, horizontal bar, a few ship icons). If anyone wants to use any of these images you are welcome, provided you ask me first.

Site created on an Acorn RiscPC, which may seem a bit odd given that the game isn't available on that platform and the screenshots were taken on a Windows machine. Well, most were. A few were taken using the PC card in my RiscPC.


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